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There is a kind of magic in this collection : Colors are vivid but warm, atmosphere is magical, and elements are designed for being charming, and enhance any of your fall memories. You will love the soft vintage touch, as well as the mix of mate

What’s inside the collection ? An elements pack containing 70 different elements, 20 texturized and patterned papers, but also : 20 glitter styles, 20 glitter sheets, 20 solids, 8 beautifully crafted journal cards, 10 different torn papers (for a total of 20, since some are offered with different options), and 40 word strips.

During Coordinated Collection promo period, you can grab these packs separately, but you can also opt for the 8 for $8 bundle.
$1 per pack only, till oct 26th, exclusively @TheStudio

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Faded Glory : Coordinated Collection


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